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Have you considered switching to canvas rather than using plastic bags? If yes, then it is a wonderful decision you have made. There are numerous reasons why this change is necessary be it environmental benefits to personal ones, such as saving money. So, sooner or later, it is necessary to make this switch. Take a look at the main things regarding canvas shopping bags!

Environment friendly

Canvas shopping bags are a far better way to protect the environment than plastic. The ongoing creation of plastics does not just mean that plastic bags end up in oceans and other places, but also a large source of greenhouse gases are created due to fossil fuels that is one of the main ingredients necessary to manufacture them. Climate change is an emergency that you have the power to handle as a consumer. Big corporate chains like supermarkets need to be shown that you don’t want continuous plastic garbage mass production.

After all, the rise of canvas was driven by the compelling social advantages of the totes. The canvas is not just a renewable material, but also a biodegradable and robust bag to withstand years of use. With global warming a daily concern, designers and customers alike may tangibly take the reusable tote to aid the environment. The reuse of lingerie bags could cut – and ultimately eliminate billions of plastic bags discarded annually.

You can make a better contribution to environmental protection by using both your professional and your personal use of printed reusable bags. You must purchase it from a trusted and environmentally friendly brand. With 30 years of industry experience, Custom Earth Promos Company has increased exposure to non-woven, recycled, bamboo and jute wholesale reusable sacks and support your eco-ethical image. Each Eco-Friendly Reusable Bag is fully customizable and ensures that your brand’s aesthetics are captured.

No Harmful Micro plastics

Another major advantage of canvas bag is that you may avoid dangerous micro plastics and chemicals that are released from the plastic bags. After all, these plastic bags rub against all of your food and end up in your home, so your body is regularly exposed to unhealthy materials. So, switching to canvas bags is best way to avoid any harm caused to both us and the environment.

If you are not using canvas bags then reuse what you have. Most of us have plastic bags stored somewhere in a cupboard and we also have some tote bags that we bought from the store or were handed over as a promotional product. Try using them rather than buying a new bag, whether it is plastic or cotton. Make it a habit to take with you a reusable bag wherever you go and use it.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the use of canvas shopping bags compared to plastic bags has many benefits like saving money, and avoiding hazardous micro plastics being released into our environment. The move to use reusable bags is both your responsibility and your convenience.