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Link building is one of the most important parts of any successful website. However, it can be so tedious and time-consuming that you might not have time to do anything else! In this article, an internet marketing agency shares some simple link-building ideas for websites with a specific focus on various industries.

Your content can be made real

Blogs and articles are not the only places where storytelling is possible. People will enjoy writing with visual elements because we love visuals. Imagine a blog post that explains the importance of writing but also includes interesting quotes and statistics. These can be incorporated into images, pie charts, or animations.

Remember to include links to key sources and additional reading material in such informative posts. This will show that you are willing to educate your audience further and increase your link portfolio. It will also allow your readers to pick the link they would like to use in their posts.

Research and visualize the data

Your content must be based on industry-relevant data and current trends. This is what makes link building possible. If you can offer a unique perspective on a topic, or share your opinion that simultaneously solves a common problem, then there is no better way to do it than to make it accessible in a digestible format that’s easy to link to, such as an infographic or a similar visual collection of data.

Design specialists are experts in creating content formats that reflect relevant information and brand design. To ensure transparency and authority, this process involves everything, from choosing the most important bits of information to presenting it in an appealing way that your audience loves.

Post printable freebies

If you own fitness business, you are well aware of how trends and new solutions can inspire interest in your clients, even if they’re only temporary. We, humans, share a common trait: we love free stuff. Combining the two creates a great opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility and build more links. A customized meal plan, which you receive in return for an email subscription, can include links to your most popular recipes, supplements, and cooking essentials.

You can share snippets or short segments of those printable materials on the internet, and embed links to the subscription box page. This will increase the number of people who visit your site. Encourage them to share your information with other people they know who might benefit from the printable freebies. This is a great opportunity to build links.

Be original, not stock

Stock photos are great for when you have little time or need to post a blog post quickly. However, it is much more beneficial to create your graphics, illustrations, and photography to support your content. You have a better chance of having your content shared on different platforms if you are more creative. A funny picture your design team made to illustrate common problem customers face can get more shares because they will relate.

Other authority websites will also be happy to quote and add your unique images on their posts or websites if you provide something new. You can also share original photos from events you host on social media and generate more interest, while the event is still unfolding.

When you want to establish your industry presence through link building, design is your best friend. You can use it to your advantage, particularly if you rely on these additional design suggestions.